Alternative Driving Directions to WASUP Yoga

Many of you are using Google Maps or a GPS device for directions to WASUP Yoga at Surf Ballard.  Unfortunately, we’ve found that these methods often send you down the most crowed and congested streets.  If you have a class on a weekend or in the evening, taking these routes may result in late and missed classes. Here are a few options that work out better and will get you around the crowded arterial roads.

Coming from the South

  • Using 99 will be easier than I-5
  • After crossing the bridge over Lake Union between Queen Anne and Fremont on 99, take the first exit (Bridge Way)
  • Immediately get in left lane and turn left onto N 38th. Go down to the light and keep straight onto N 39th
  • Turn right on Leary
  • Turn left onto NW 46th St.
  • Follow this to the light at Market St. and take a left onto Market Street. This turns into Seaview Ave.
  • We are on the right hand side across from West Marine, next to Paseo’s, which is in a pink building.

Coming from the North

  • Take the 85th St. exit, heading West
  • Follow over 99, Greenwood and 15th
  • 85th comes to a t in the road. Turn right onto 32nd Ave NW and wind your way down the hill to a stop sign
  • Turn left onto Seaview Ave.  Continue for a mile. We are on the left hand side across from West Marine and next to the bright pink building that is Paseo’s.

Using 65th St.

  • Take 65th West to the stop sign at 32nd Ave NW
  • Continue straight down to the stop sign at 36th Ave NW
  • Turn left and continue downhill to the stop sign at 61st St.
  • Turn right onto 61st.  Go under bridge and take a right onto Seaview Ave.
  • We are down about a quarter mile on the right side, across from West Marine.