Seattle Met Tries WASUP Yoga

Neal Thompson, a writer for Seattle Met, recently tried a WASUP Yoga class and the result is a beautiful write-up that we think perfectly captures the essence of a WASUP Yoga class. We bet you can't read the full article without wanting to sign up for a class. The volume of the city rose and fell, lawn mowers and weed whackers competing with birds and dogs. Occasionally the thrum of boat engines and distant cars subsided and the slap and shush of the water took over. Toward the end of our hour-long workout, as we lay on our backs in…read more >

Ready for Our Close-Up

We were honored to have Christie Johnson and the King 5 morning crew join us for an early morning stand up paddle yoga class this morning. Reporting live for King 5's early morning broadcast, Johnson proved that it's possible to balance on a paddle board and report the news at the same time. Much thanks to Johnson and her dedicated team for braving the blustery weather and giving stand up paddle yoga a try while the cameras were rolling. You can watch the full broadcast more >

MyBallard Discovers WASUP Yoga

Two days ago, a MyBallard reader saw a WASUP Yoga class in action and was impressed enough to submit a few photos to the neighborhood blog. Today, we were honored with a full write up! Thanks, MyBallard.  read more >

We’ve Been Spotted

Awed by "the sense of balance these women have while practicing yoga on the water," a passerby with a camera was impressed enough to take a few shots of one of our morning stand up paddle classes and send them to our neighborhood blog, My Ballard. You can find the whole My Ballard blog post here. Enticed? Register for one of our weekly stand up paddle yoga classes more >