Seattle Met Tries WASUP Yoga

Neal Thompson, a writer for Seattle Met, recently tried a WASUP Yoga class and the result is a beautiful write-up that we think perfectly captures the essence of a WASUP Yoga class. We bet you can’t read the full article without wanting to sign up for a class.

The volume of the city rose and fell, lawn mowers and weed whackers competing with birds and dogs. Occasionally the thrum of boat engines and distant cars subsided and the slap and shush of the water took over. Toward the end of our hour-long workout, as we lay on our backs in corpse pose, a train rumbled past along the shore-hugging tracks, its rhythms lulling me toward sleep. Afterward, I learned that my classmates were as surprised as I was at how much yoga we’d squeezed onto the small space of a precarious board. ~Neal Thompson, Seattle Met Magazine

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